Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Wiki Gardening Website

We have been talking about how powerful a site like this might be. I just got the e-mail today that it has now been set up. Totally user edited and controlled. Add a plant, list your successes and failures. This could eventually have the most comprehensive list of plants, their uses, and the way people use them. I'm excited.

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March 4, 2009

Wikigardens ( is a new website for the landscape
architect, the practiced gardener, the amateur plant nerd and anyone who
falls between the three. It is primarily a site for plant research. The
site features a 50,000 plant encyclopedia, a garden showcase, a forum, a
members' journal, seasonal topics of interest, and listings of local garden

What separates this site from other garden database websites is the "wiki"
function which allows any member (membership is free) to contribute
information about plants, successes and failures, helpful hints, post shots
of their garden, etc. The information is vetted by other WikiGardens
members to insure it is correct and trustworthy. The philosophy behind this
is "many eyes make mistakes small" therefore the more users, the more
accurate the information.

Additionally unique to Wikigardens is the absence of annoying pop up and
sidebar ads. Vendors who chose to buy advertising on the site do so in the
form of links back to their own website. This feature is useful because
vendors are sorted by the zip code closest to the member. When searching for
a particular plant to purchase, your choices will be closer to home.

Like any wiki site, it is only as robust and vigorous as the users who
contribute to it. We invite any and all to visit Wikigardens, become a
member and "dig" in the garden.

For more information Contact:
Michael Peterson
503-236-7574 <>

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