Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 0: COMPOST BEGINS - building the pile

Are you ready for the 18-day hot compost?
This is a human recipe for humus.
Pure, unadulterated soil creation in less than 3 weeks.

Christian charismatically explains the compost process.

Materials: forest leaves in the foreground, fresh greens in the back.
Taiga, Tucker, and Martha begin layering the pile.

Ethan and Chris layer onto the pile -- which is watered lightly as we go.

The layered pile! A diversity of finely chopped leaves, grasses, vines, cow manure, rice bran, kitchen scraps, and a secret nitrogen-rich compost-starter. The microbial party gets started!!!

Stay tuned for more. We'll turn the pile when it gets to 160ºF.

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